RStudio™ Trademark

The RStudio Integrated Development Environment (IDE), under the terms of the Affero General Public License, version 3, may be redistributed or modified. However, the name RStudio™ is a trademark of RStudio, Inc. and all rights in the RStudio™ trademark are exclusive to RStudio, Inc.

The RStudio™ trademark may be displayed on any deployment of the RStudio IDE for its use in the unmodified form supplied by RStudio, Inc. For example, individuals, businesses or organizations may deploy and use the unmodified RStudio IDE bearing the RStudio™ trademark on individual workstations or on public or private networks. In addition, the RStudio™ trademark may be used to indicate or refer to the unmodified RStudio IDE, provided that any such use is accompanied by the following notice: "RStudio is a trademark of RStudio, Inc."

Anyone wishing to use the RStudio™ trademark for any reason other than those listed above, including but not limited to advertising, on hardware, or on software derivative of the RStudio IDE, must obtain the express, written permission of RStudio, Inc. in advance. To request permission to use the RStudio™ trademark or report suspected, unauthorized use please contact us at